The Snake-Run Rally was created to provide the Oregon snowboard scene more opportunities throughout the season to race grassroots banked slalom snowboard events. While the Dirksen Derby, Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom and Drink Water’s Rat Race have become mainstays in the overall snowboard scene, opportunities for the local snowboarders to race these types of events have become much more limited. We saw this problem and decided to do something about it. Our aim is to create hand-dug banked slalom events at some of the smaller, lesser frequented resorts around Oregon whom we believe to be the heart and soul of local snowboard communities. 

Our race started late in the 2019 season when we threw our very first event in the woods of Tumalo Butte. Keeping a mostly stealth vibe to the planning, we were able to put together a 14 turn course and attracted around 60 riders to hike up into the woods and race. The event itself was a huge success which was further cemented by becoming an official qualifier race for the Dirksen Derby (held mid December at Mt. Bachelor). 

The Snake-Run Rally is here to create a fun, laid back, and inclusive event for the snowboard communities all over the state of Oregon.

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